News World Justin Trudeau ridiculed by Indians for wearing ‘fancy dress’

Justin Trudeau ridiculed by Indians for wearing ‘fancy dress’

Justin Trudeau India
Justin Trudeau has been criticised for repeatedly wearing traditional Indian dress. Photo: Getty
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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s wardrobe of traditional Indian clothing has been ridiculed by locals, with some accusing him and his family of playing “fancy dress” during their visit to India.

Over the first two days of his trip, Mr Trudeau posed for photos decked in primary colours and traditional Indian garb at well-known landmarks and special events.

His choice of clothing has raised eyebrows among Indians on social media, who described the Prime Minister’s attire as “fake and annoying”.

It comes after Mr Trudeau attended a Bollywood gala on Tuesday where he wore gold-embroidered Indian formalwear to meet prominent members of India’s film industry, including revered actor Shah Rukh Khan.

The Bollywood star wore a conservative suit to the meeting, as did most other Indians in attendance.

Prominent Indian politician Omar Abdullah shared several photos of Mr Trudeau and his family on Wednesday saying: “we Indians don’t dress like this every day sir, not even in Bollywood.”

He added that the photos of the Trudeau family’s “choreographed cuteness” and their namaste greetings and dress was “a bit much”.

“Is it just me who’s finding Justin Trudeau’s fancy dress display fake and annoying?” Indian author Bhaavna Arora said.

Some social media users even stated he looked more like a man on his own wedding day than a head of state at the function with Mr Rukh Khan.

“Mr Trudeau, I notice that you are wearing Maanyavar clothes everywhere in India. Please be informed that they are only worn at weddings and functions like Garba!” one person tweeted.

“Even if Trudeau was an Indian groom at his wedding reception he’d look ridiculously overdressed,” said another.

Justin Trudeau India
The Trudeau family dressed in Indian garbs, while Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan wears a suit. Photo: Getty

Mr Trudeau also sparked controversy in India on Thursday after it was revealed a Sikh extremist convicted of attempting to murder an Indian politician had been invited to dine with the Prime Minister at the Canadian High Commissioner’s residence in New Delhi.

The story made headlines across India before the official invitation was revoked.

“Obviously we take this situation extremely seriously. The individual in question never should have received an invitation and, as soon as we found out, we rescinded the invitation immediately,” Mr Trudeau told reporters.

“The member of Parliament who included this individual has, and will, assume full responsibility for his actions.”

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