News World Donald Trump’s former campaign manager faces sexual assault complaint

Donald Trump’s former campaign manager faces sexual assault complaint

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Joy Villa has been a very visible Trump supporter. Photo: Getty
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A Donald Trump-supporter and singer has accused the President’s former campaign manager of slapping her bottom twice, even after she told him to stop.

Singer Joy Villa claims Corey Lewandowski sexually assaulted her while posing for a picture at the Trump International Hotel in Washington last month.

Ms Villa wore a ‘Make America Great Again’ dress at the Grammys this year and is considering running for Congress in Florida.

The allegations against Mr Lewandowski were first reported on US news site Politico last week. The outlet said Ms Villa did not approach them with the allegations, but that they reached out to her after hearing the claims through witnesses.

Mr Lewandowski did not respond to an email seeking comment.

A police report filed on Christmas Eve, two days after the first news report, does not mention Mr Lewandowski by name and reportedly alleges the incident occurred on November 28.

Ms Villa said she planned to meet detectives next week about the complaint.

“I didn’t know him at all,” she said of Mr Lewandowski.

“I only knew him by reputation. He broke my trust.”

Joy Villa has accused former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski of sexual assault.
Joy Villa wore a ‘Make America Great Again’ dress to the Grammys this year. Photo: Getty

She said the one-time campaign boss struck her “extremely hard” at a gathering the day after Thanksgiving.

She said she felt it was “disgusting and shocking and demeaning”.

Ms Villa addressed the complaint on Twitter on Saturday.

“Here’s the photo of @CLewandowski_ seconds before he slapped my a**, I told him to stop, and then he did it again. I was shocked and embarrassed by his behavior.”

Speaking with CNN, Ms Villa said the slap was “almost violent in nature”.

When she said she could file a complaint, she claims Mr Lewandowski replied, “I work in the private sector”, and slapped her again.

He then “laughed and walked away”, she told CNN.

Ms Villa said she stood by all survivors of sexual harassment and assault.

“To all survivors of #sexualassault its NOT your fault [sic]. It never was, it never will be. You are not to blame, they are. It doesn’t matter if you were covered up or showing skin, drinking water or gin, if your famous or unknown [sic]. You deserve to be treated with utmost care & respect,” she wrote on Twitter on Tuesday.

This is not the first time Mr Lewandowski has faced police charges.

In March 2016 he was charged with assault after an altercation involving a female reporter at a news conference in Florida. The charges were later dropped.

Mr Trump fired him as campaign manager in June 2016.

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Donald Trump Corey Lewandowski
Ms Joy says she knew Mr Lewandowski (C) only “by reputation”. Photo: Getty