News World Video shows Texas woman’s remarkable handcuff escape

Video shows Texas woman’s remarkable handcuff escape

Handcuff escape
CCTV footage shows Texas woman escaping out of handcuffs and driving away in police car. Photo: Lufkin Police
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Police in Texas have released video footage of a woman arrested for shoplifting staging a remarkable handcuff escape before stealing a police car and leading officers on a high-speed chase.

Toscha Sponsler was arrested in the Texan city of Lufkin on Saturday and put into the back of a police car as her bags were searched in the car park.

While she was left unattended, Sponsler managed to work her way out of her cuffs before slipping through a partition into the driver’s seat of the cruiser.

The woman drove away at speed – as bemused offers looked on – and led police on a 23-minute chase before being caught in a nearby town.

Police said Sponsler reached speeds of up to 160kp/h before losing control of the police car.

As officers approached the vehicle, with guns drawn, Sponsler allegedly struggled to grab the police shotgun in the cruiser.

The woman is facing multiple charges including escape with the threat of deadly weapon, aggravated assault, unauthorised use of a vehicle, possession of controlled substance and resisting arrest, according to local media.

Watch her amazing (brief) handcuff escape below:

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