News World Finnish police raid attacker’s associates after knife rampage leaves two dead, 8 wounded

Finnish police raid attacker’s associates after knife rampage leaves two dead, 8 wounded

Finnish police and paramedics ferry the wounded to hospital after the knife rampage in Turku.
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Finnish police have raided an apartment in the southern city of Turku, saying they were “quite certain” they had identified the knife-wielding attacker who killed two people and wounded eight on Friday during a stabbing rampage.

The man, whose name has not been released,  launched the bloody assault without warning in a crowded market square before being shot and taken into custody, police said shortly after the attack.

The late-night raid occurred after police located a vehicle associated with the attack. The white Fiat Ducato, whose owner lived in a building located in Turku’s Varissuo suburb, where the raid took place.

A number of people were arrested during the night, as the Nordic country police and security services investigated the attacker’s background and affiliations, Finnish news agency SST said.

“We are investigating what their role is in this. Whether they had something to do with this act, or if they were just involved with this person (the suspect)”, said detective superintendent Markus Laine.

The Finnish press has speculated the market rampage might have been inspired by the horrific van attacks in Spain, and phone-camera footage of shoppers fleeing the mayhem captures the attacker yelling “Allahu Akbar!”, the war cry of Islamic militants.

It was uncertain if the police were looking for more suspects related to the attack or if more raids would follow during the night. Police warned people to stay away from the city and reinforced security nationwide.

Patrols and surveillance increased after the stabbings, in case more attackers were involved. People were allowed to return to the city centre a few hours later.

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