News World Ghost-writer predicts Donald Trump will resign any day now

Ghost-writer predicts Donald Trump will resign any day now

Tony Schwartz, the ghost-writer behind Donald Trump's 1987 memoir, expects the US President to resign Photo: Getty
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The ghost-writer behind Donald Trump’s memoir has predicted the US President will resign from the White House.

Tony Schwartz, who co-wrote The Art of the Deal with Mr Trump in 1987, said the tycoon’s presidency was already over.

“The circle is closing at blinding speed. Trump is going to resign and declare victory before Mueller and congress leave him no choice,” Mr Schwartz wrote on Twitter on Thursday, local time.

Former FBI direct Robert Mueller is investigating Mr Trump’s possible connection to Russian meddling in the US election last year.

Mr Schwartz continued: “Trump’s presidency is effectively over. Would be amazed if he survives till the end of the year. More likely resigns by fall, if not sooner.”

Fall refers to the northern hemisphere’s autumn, which is just weeks away.

“Trump must be isolated. Resistance every day. The end is near but must keep pressure high,” Mr Schwartz said.

“Almost all of Trump’s limited attention is focused on beating down his critics. No time for governing which doesn’t interest him anyway.”

Mr Trump has spent the week fending off broad international criticism, including from fellow Republicans, over his handling of the Charlottesville race riots. The President has also received global condemnation for inciting war with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un over Twitter.

In an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Mr Schwartz said the tide had begun to “really turn” on Mr Trump.

Mr Schwartz spent 18 months with Mr Trump to write the 1987 memoir
Mr Schwartz spent 18 months with Mr Trump to write the 1987 memoir together.

“He’s put himself in an isolated, no-win position,” Mr Schwartz said.

“The level of self-destructiveness is staggering. But what he’s done is he’s pushed away all the potential allies.

“Where’s the potential to survive?”

Mr Schwartz said he expected Mr Trump to blame his resignation on “anybody he can”. He said Mr Trump will claim to have done everything possible to govern by his slogan, Make America Great Again.

“He paints even the most disastrous of things he does, including what he said about the events in Virginia over the past week, as evidence of his own brilliance.

“He’s going to try and paint this as his own victory and he’s the ultimate victim, but ‘he did everything he could’. And he’s going to do it of course to stay out of prison, that’s why he’s going to do it.”

Mr Schwartz said Mr Trump had an attitude of “how can I do whatever is best for me and how do I get over everybody else” in the 18 months they spent together to write the 1987 memoir.

He told CNN last year he felt responsible for creating “a man who has become a monster”.