News World Sara Connor gives tearful address to court

Sara Connor gives tearful address to court

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Sara Connor says her children miss her and are waiting for her. Photo: AP
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Australian woman Sara Connor’s lawyers have called for her release over the death of a Bali police officer, and have described the prosecution of her as “very dangerous”.

The 45-year-old mother-of-two broke down in Denpasar court on Tuesday as she made another plea.

In response to the prosecution’s criticism that she hadn’t been upfront about the death of Bali police officer Wayan Sudarsa last August, Connor said she believed her British boyfriend David Taylor when he told her his fight with the cop on Kuta Beach was not serious.

She said she went to the Australian consulate, and not the police, two days later because “that is what people do when they are in a foreign country”.

“I could have fled at any stage with my Italian passport that has a different surname,” she said.

“I let David burn the clothes (they wore on the night of Mr Sudarsa’s death) because I was confused and in shock and I apologise for that.

“Please bear in mind that I’m in another country … I was scared about what would happen.”

Describing herself as a hard worker, Connor said she was the “sole carer” of her two young children.

“They miss me and are waiting for me,” she cried.

“If this is what God had planned for my life – to punish me harshly and deprive my children of their mother, I hope he will give my children strength to cope.”

Last week the prosecution called on Taylor and Connor to serve the same eight-year sentence.

Connor, they submitted, had not been upfront during the trial, whereas Taylor had shown remorse.

While they agree it is not a murder case, they have urged the court to press ahead with the alternate charge of fatal assault in company.

Connor and Taylor went to Kuta Beach on the night of August 16 after having a few drinks over dinner. A fight broke out between Mr Sudarsa and Taylor when the British man confronted the cop about Connor’s lost wallet.

Connor has always said she did nothing but try to separate the pair and didn’t know he was badly injured when she and Taylor left the beach in the early hours of August 17.

Describing the prosecution case as an “illusion”, Connor’s lawyer Erwin Siregar submitted on Tuesday that his client did not cause the death of Mr Sudarsa and that no witness had said as much.

He described the sentence request by the prosecution as “very dangerous” and called for the court to release his client and restore her good name.

The prosecution is expected to respond on Thursday.