News World Wild boar injures three in Berlin rampage

Wild boar injures three in Berlin rampage

wild boar
A wild boar caused minor injuries to three people in a Berlin park. Photo: Getty
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A wild boar has gone on the rampage in a northern Berlin park causing minor injuries to three people before being shot dead by police.

A sounder of boars showed up near the city’s Tegel Airport about 2pm on Saturday, before one of the male boars moved away from the group to a nearby park, local police said.

The boar then proceeded to attack a number of people, injuring a woman on her leg as well as two other men.

Police shot the animal dead, in order to prevent it from injuring any further passers-by. By that stage, the rest of the animals had already moved on, police said.

Meanwhile in the western German city of Siegen, a wild boar caused mayhem in the city centre on Saturday, disrupting traffic and smashing down the front door of a hairdressing salon.

The animal was also eventually shot dead by the authorities.