News World This is how Donald Trump’s West Wing could look

This is how Donald Trump’s West Wing could look

donald trump staff
There'll likely be some familiar faces in Donald Trump's West Wing. Photo: AAP
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Donald Trump needs to get his top West Wing staff appointments right to have any chance of succeeding as United States president, political watchers say.

Since Wednesday’s election win, speculation in US media has been rife that Mr Trump’s White House control centre could be filled with controversial allies, his children and disgraced ex-staffers.

This prompted RMIT University US politics expert Dr Aiden Warren to warn that based on his campaign style, promises and persona, Mr Trump needed to get his key appointments right to avoid disaster.

“The Secretary of Defence and Secretary of State are the two roles Mr Trump must shore up,” Dr Warren told The New Daily.

“While in Washington this year people in defence, the state department and security told me the biggest imminent threat was North Korea, alongside Islamic State.”

“And if he is going to be bold with trade like he promised, then the Secretary of State is going to be a main priority.”

Despite fears over who Mr Trump will surround himself with, reports touted more women and young people than you might expect.

The most intriguing rumoured appointments:

Corey Lewandowski, Chief of Staff

donald trump staff
Mr Trump once sacked Mr Lewandowski. Photo: AAP

Mr Trump’s children convinced Mr Trump to sack Lewandowski as campaign manager mid-campaign.

He had been charged with alleged battery of a reporter trying to ask the then-candidate a question.

Despite the disapproval of Mr Trump’s children, the abrasive Mr Lewandowski stayed close to the campaign and remains close to his former boss, Politico reported.

Ivanka Trump, special advisor

donald trump staff
Ivanka is crucial for her father. Photo: AAP

While Mr Trump’s other adult children, Donald Jnr and Eric, might have similar roles, they don’t have the power of Ivanka.

Ivanka’s brand (homewares, books, work attire) is all about empowering women.

She was a key figure in her father’s proposal to guarantee working mothers six weeks maternity leave.

Mr Trump needs all the help he can get with women.

Rudy Giuliani, Attorney General, Chief of Staff, Secretary of Homeland Security or CIA Director

donald trump staff
Mr Giuliani is close to Mr Trump. Photo: AAP

Many roles have been touted for the former New York City mayor who steered his community through 9/11.

Since then, Giuliani has been crucial in Mr Trump’s rise to president-elect, both as a confidant and talking head in the media.

His staunch conservatism will also keep Mr Trump in line with Republican Party values.

Sarah Palin, Secretary of the Interior

donald trump staff
Ms Palin is a divisive figure. Photo: AAP

The former Alaskan Governor and vice-presidential candidate is named as a possible cabinet member in this leaked list of Mr Trump’s possible sidekicks, obtained by Buzzfeed.

Ms Palin was one of the first senior Republican figures to endorse Mr Trump, and is best-known for her gun-toting lady-of-the-land persona.

Two of her best quotes over the years?

“We say keep your change, we’ll keep our God, our guns, our constitution,” and “I love those hockey moms. You know what they say the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull is? Lipstick.”

Hope Hicks, deputy communications director, deputy press secretary or adviser

donald trump staff
Ms Hicks once worked for Ivanka Trump. Photo: Getty

Hope Hicks, 27, was the Trump campaign press secretary after being plucked from obscurity.

She was spotted after working as Ivanka Trump’s brand PR person.

The focus of much interest during the campaign, Ms Hicks did everything she could to stay out of the spotlight.

Like when she gave this interview to GQ by using Mr Trump to speak on her behalf. Inventive.

Kellyanne Conway, communications director or press secretary

donald trump staff
Ms Conway was very visible during the campaign. Photo: AAP

Conway became campaign director when Lewandowski was sacked.

And if Hicks was behind the scenes, Conway was all over television during the campaign.

Politico wrote that her specialtiy is “making Republican candidates appealing to women” – a monumental task for someone like Mr Trump.

The former pollster left Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin’s campaign after he claimed pregnancy rarely results from “legitimate rape”.

Dan Scavino, White House photographer

donald trump staff
Mr Scavino’s rise was meteoric. Photo: Twitter

Someone has to document everything from the West Wing.

That man is Mr Trump’s former golf caddy, yes golf caddy, who met the billionaire when he was 16-years-old in 1990.

Scavino is a fierce advocate for Mr Trump on Twitter and has said in the past he wants the White House photographer role.

Ben Carson, Secretary of Education or Secretary of Health and Human Services

donald trump staff
Mr Carson has some unusual beliefs. Photo: AAP

With Mr Trump pledging to scrap “Obamacare”, the former surgeon could play a key role as Secretary of Health and Human Services.

However, Mr Carson’s view on evolution and creationism are … unorthodox to say the least.

In 2011 he criticised Charles Darwin’s seminal theory of evolution by claiming “no one has ever demonstrated one species changing to another species”.

In 1998 Mr Carson said Old Testament figure Joseph built Egypt’s pyramids to store grain.

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