News World It’s 3am and Barron Trump is ready for bed

It’s 3am and Barron Trump is ready for bed

Barron Trump
Fortunately for Barron Trump there are plenty of bedrooms in the White House. Photo: Getty
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It all got too late for Hillary Clinton, and even the media and Donald Trump’s supporters were waning by the time he descended to the stage for his 3am victory speech.

So it’s little wonder that the president-elect’s 10-year-old son, Barron, looked as though he was positively about to nod off during his famous Dad’s famous speech.

Not many grade-four kids do politics. Even fewer do politics in the middle of the night.

Barron rocked on his feet, he yawned, he did stuff to stop his eyes from drooping shut.

Like all the Democrats around the US he looked thoroughly tired of hearing Donald Trump rattle on.

Better get used to it, kid.

When The Donald signed off, Barron finally got to nick off to bed, knowing he would wake up on Thursday and his world would be a very different place.

He is not alone there among Americans.