News World The ‘black widow’ who wrecked the Brexit party

The ‘black widow’ who wrecked the Brexit party

Gina Miller Brexit
Determined, witty and razor-tongued Gina Miller has plunged Brexit into chaos. Photo: Getty
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She’s been called a “black-widow spider” and has been crowned the most hated woman in the United Kingdom, a rich and entitled traitor who should be deported.

Others are lauding her as the “Woman of the Century”, the white-knight who has restored sanity and stability in providing an escape route for the UK to wriggle out of Brexit and remain within the European Union.

She is Gina Miller, the public face of the People’s Campaign – labelled unkindly by the Leave camp as the “Wrexiteers” – the unlikely collection of figures that has succeeded in stymying the UK’s exit from the EU through a High Court challenge.

The successful challenge will mean that a Brexit cannot now begin until the Parliament has its say – an outcome which is likely to fuel the frustration and delay for a government that still hasn’t crystallised plans for the Brexit process.

The legal decision has unleashed a storm of anger in the UK, with many of the 17 million Brits who voted to leave the UK venting that fury at Ms Miller, playing up her own migrant background, wealth and privilege and even threatening her rape and death.

“Kill her! 2 behind the ear. Throw her in the garbage. Dustbin, whatever…”, wrote one Facebook user on the group Ukip — The peoples forum 2020. “I hope she gets f***ing killed, wrote another.

The High Court decision has infuriated many Leave supporters. Photo: Getty.
The High Court decision has infuriated many Leave supporters. Photo: Getty.

A South American model turned investment funds manager

Ms Miller, 51, was born in Peru, but is half-Guyanese, and emigrated to the UK when she was aged 10.

According to The Sun, she worked for a time as a model, attended a $44.000-a-year public school in leafy East Sussex, and went on to study marketing and human resources at the University of London.

But she ultimately landed in finance, becoming an investment-funds manager in the City and is today the founder and director of marketing for SCM Private, the investment firm she runs with third husband, Alan.

She and Alan also set up True and Fair, a philanthropic organisation that supports smaller charities, and in which the Millers refer to themselves as “conscious capitalists”.

Ms Miller is also a mother of three, one of which is a girl “with special needs”, according to a 2010 profile by London-based newspaper, City A.M.

Gina Miller also earned the ire of the finance sector with her campaign to clean up the industry. Photo: Getty.
Sharp-witted and acid-tongued: Gina Miller also earned the ire of the finance sector with her campaign to clean up the industry. Photo: Getty.

The Daily Mail writes how friends describe Ms Miller as “sharp-witted and acid-tongued, with a reputation for winning every argument”, while she describes herself as a “natural fighter” who has “rattled cages”, particularly in the City.

Much of that could be attributed to her and Alan’s noisy campaign against mis-selling and hidden fund charges in the funds management industry, leading some in the sector to label her the “black-widow spider”.

She told The Financial Times about the time she was at an industry party and asked three men why they were staring at her: “One of them replied that I was a disgrace and that my lobbying efforts would bring down the entire City,” she told the paper.

I was “physically sick” after Brexit

Ms Miller’s Brexit crusade had its genesis in the day after the referendum.

She told The Times last month that she slept just 36 minutes on the night of the poll and, at 4am, was “physically sick” as she digested the reality of the vote.

“By breakfast, however, Ms Miller’s brain was clunking into gear. When her 11-year-old son heard the news, he said: ‘But you’re going to do something, Mummy, you always do’,” The Times reported.

However, Ms Miller has always maintained that her fight was never about overturning the Brexit decision, but rather about process and safeguarding the sovereignty of the British Parliament.

That is, that only Parliament can make a decision that leads to the loss of her “rights” under EU law.

While a character such as Ms Miller would be unlikely to seek further vindication of her decision to take up the cause, she’ll at least be buoyed by a recent poll of 1546 Brits.

The poll last week by BMG Research showed 45 per cent or respondents would vote to remain, 43 per cent to leave and 12 per cent did not know.

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