News World Trump: ‘Truth is that we’re winning’

Trump: ‘Truth is that we’re winning’

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Americans go to the polls on November 8. Photo: Getty
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Donald Trump says “the truth is that we’re winning” – and claims that “phony polls” are trying to suppress the vote.

The Republican presidential nominee Trump spoke on Monday at a farmers’ roundtable in Florida.

He insisted that his campaign is ahead, even though most polls show him trailing Democrat rival Hillary Clinton.

He told the crowd gathered next to a pumpkin patch in Boynton beach: “I believe we’re winning”.

He then, without evidence, blamed that several “mainstream” media polls for weighing their respondents with Democrats.

He also told reporters that he felt “very good” about his chances in Florida, a state that is essential for his White House hopes.

Trump’s insistence comes just the day after his campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, acknowledged on Meet the Press that Clinton was in the lead, with just over two weeks to go till election day.

He’s backed however by a Professor of Political Science at Stony Brook University, Helmut Norpoth, who is widely published on the subject of predicting US elections.

He says there is an 87 per cent probability that Trump will win, based on a method that has only been wrong once.

Norpoth told Breitbart he takes the “long historical view that this election is poised to tip the scales toward the Republicans because of the swing of the pendulum, with or without Trump.”

He also says based on Google searches, Trump is doing very well.

He’s put $US500 on the result backing his own prediction.

Skeptics however say his model is only reliable for predicting history, and ignores factors such as the gender of a candidate.

The predictor doesn’t include any economic variables and relies largely on how a candidate did in the New Hampshire Primary.

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