News World Bali murder accused move to prison ahead of trial

Bali murder accused move to prison ahead of trial

Sara Connor
Sara Connor is transferred from Denpasar Police station. Photo: ABC
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Australian woman Sara Connor and British man David Taylor, who are accused of murdering a policeman in Bali, have been transferred to Kerobokan prison ahead of their trial.

The pair, who are accused of murdering a local policeman, have been detained at the Denpasar Police Station since their arrest in August.

They were on Monday taken to the prosecutors office, after which they were transferred to Bali’s Kerobokan prison.

Police in Bali wrapped up their investigation last week and have handed the case over to the District Attorney’s Office.

Lawyers for Connor said last week that they expect prosecutors to announce which charge they will take to court in late October or early November.

Their trial is expected to begin next month.

Connor and Taylor face charges of murder, assault causing death, and group assault over the death of local policeman Wayan Sudarsa.

The on-duty officer’s body was found on Kuta beach near a luxury hotel on August 17, with 42 wounds to his head and body.

Police suspected the wounds were caused in part by a broken beer bottle.

“The file has been finished, there was a delay because of the process in the forensic lab, it took a while especially to check the DNA,” Denpasar Police chief Hadi Purnomo told the waiting press after the pair were driven from the Denpasar Police Station.

Taylor emerged from his cell clean shaven and minus his dreadlocks.

Connor had been held in a cell nearby. They were transferred in separate police vans.

In late August, the couple returned to the beach with police for a reconstruction of the crime scene.

At the time, the Denpasar police chief said evidence strongly supported the murder and assault charges against both subjects, and that Connor had helped her British boyfriend assault the victim.

David Taylor
David Taylor (pictured) and Sara Connor face up to 15 years in jail if found guilty of murder. Photo: ABC

Connor ‘nervous’ but insists she is innocent

Connor’s lawyer Erwin Siregar said his client was nervous during questioning by the prosecutors, but she told them she is innocent.

“When the prosecutor asked ‘what do you think about this case?’ … she said ‘I am not guilty’, so Sara is not guilty of course and I agree with that, so we have to argue during the process of the hearing,” he said.

He said he expects the case to proceed to court within a fortnight.

Sara Connor
Sara Connor’s lawyer says she was nervous during questioning by prosecutors. Photo: ABC

Taylor’s lawyer Erick Sihombing said his client was cooperative with the prosecutors.

He said his client had written an apology letter to the family of the dead police officer.

“On the letter there is no admitting of something, but he expressed his feeling about the regret that he is involved,” he said.

“In this instant he did not admit that he’s killing this guy, but he’s involved in the incident that caused the death of the victim.”


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