News World Donald Trump wants his own cable station and it could get ‘aggressive’

Donald Trump wants his own cable station and it could get ‘aggressive’

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Trump is thinking about turning his massive supporter base into a TV audience. Photo: Getty
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Even if Donald Trump fails in his bid for the US presidency, he might still end up a winner with claims the Republican candidate is working on building a media empire.

Since June, numerous reports have speculated that Mr Trump’s run for the White House has an ulterior motive, namely establishing a broad enough supporter base to underpin a conservative Trump-branded news network.

The rumoured network would likely be an “animated, aggressive, over-the-top and angry” cable outlet like Fox News, experts told The New Daily.

It would also create content like the independent US conservative media outlet, which on Wednesday (AEDT) launched a foul-mouthed tirade against The Project host Waleed Aly – who had criticised Mr Trump in a recent editorial – the experts said.

University of Melbourne Election Watch deputy editor James Cahill told The New Daily Mr Trump had all the essential ingredients to start a conservative media juggernaut.

“If you think about Trump’s political skill set it is really by far the strongest in media,” Mr Cahill said.

“He has mastered existing conservative media infrastructure throughout the campaign.

“I would think absolutely he would have a large enough base. He could turn his voting base into a customer base fairly straightforwardly.”

Vanity Fair cited “close sources” in a June report as saying Mr Trump had enlisted his daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner to help plan the cable network.

The rumours became stronger when the New York Times reported former Fox News head Roger Ailes was preparing Mr Trump for debates.

Trump is a pathologically impulsive and self-centred, says his biographer.
Trump is a pathologically impulsive and self-centred, says his biographer. Photo: Getty

Mr Cahill said Mr Trump could initially target the vast email database of supporters he had gained in the campaign to drive his news business.

“Trump is driving a train through the gap between rank and file Republicans and the party’s hierarchy, and trying to ride it to the White House,” he said.

Aly-style attacks would happen on Trump’s channel

On Wednesday it emerged that VICE Media co-founder and current Rebel Media vlogger Gavin McInnes had launched a vitriolic attack on Waleed Aly.

McInnes published the rant in response to Aly’s Monday night editorial on The Project, which directed the media to not joke about Mr Trump, because trivialisation played down how dangerous and bigoted Mr Trump is.

McInnes critiqued Aly while watching The Project host’s editorial, which responded to Mr Trump’s comments that described sexually assaulting women.

“Look at this guy [Aly],” McInnes said. “By the way you’d know his penis is this big [McInnes gestures small length with his fingers], you can just tell.

Watch it (graphic language):

“Yeah he’s condoning sexual assault,” McInnes said mocking Aly’s own words. “That’s the extrapolation you virgin.”

McInnes went onto say: “Let’s see what you got, micro penis.”

After Aly labelled Mr Trump’s words as “describing sexual assault”, McInnes screams: “No it’s not you retard.”

The United States Studies Centre’s American culture expert lecturer Dr Rodney Taveira told The New Daily this was the style of critique we could expect on a Trump-run network.

“So what will he and the network be talking about when he starts his news channel? The stuff he [Trump] is doing now anyway,” Dr Taveira said.

“Personal attacks. Animated, aggressive, over-the-top and angry.

“What Trump has done is turned the campaign into a comedy. He bullies the crowd and hecklers. And Clinton is treated like a heckler.”

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