News World Not happy, Apple: Man goes on iPhone rampage

Not happy, Apple: Man goes on iPhone rampage

This man was unimpressed by the service he received.
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A disgruntled Apple customer has hit back at poor customer service from the tech giant by going on an iPhone-smashing spree in a French store.

The unidentified man lashed out on Thursday at the Apple store in the Toison d’Or shopping centre in Dijon,accusing the company of violating consumer rights after staff refused to give him a refund.

According to The Independent, the man used a steel ball to destroy the retina displays of iPhones and a laptop. Another customer in the store caught the entire incident on video.

“Apple is a company that violated European consumers’ rights,” the man told the camera in French.

“They refused to reimburse me.

“I told them ‘give me my money back’ they said ‘no’.

“So you know what is happening? This is happening.”

The man destroyed an estimated 12 iPhones, reportedly causing “tens of thousands of euros” worth of damage.

He was chased out of the store by security and later arrested by police. An investigation is underway.

Watch the incident on video below:

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