News World Tears flow as Sara Connor sees ex-husband in Bali

Tears flow as Sara Connor sees ex-husband in Bali

Anthony Connor
Sara Connor's ex-husband Anthony Connor arrived in Bali from Byron Bay. Photo: AAP
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There were tears, hugs and a sense of dismay at the events that led them here when Australian woman Sara Connor and her ex-husband met at Denpasar Police Station, her lawyers say.

“They hugged. (They were) crying together, both of them,” lawyer Robert Khuana told reporters after their brief, private meeting on Monday.

“(They were) sad because they never thought this thing would happened.

“Especially now, they’re thinking about their children.”

Mr Khuana looked on at the pair from outside a meeting room as Anthony “Twig” Connor saw Ms Connor for the first time since she and her British boyfriend David Taylor were arrested over the death of Bali police officer Wayan Sudarsa more than a week ago.

Mr Khuana said the subsequent media attention has taken a toll on them and their two children.

“Anthony said earlier that because of this incident, his children are having difficulties going to school because every day the media are crowding the house’s front yard.”

Mr Connor didn’t say anything to waiting media when arriving nor leaving the station in Bali.

The private visit with Ms Connor only lasted around 15 to 20 minutes but he is expected to remain in Bali for the rest of the week.

It comes as police told Ms Connor’s legal team that they expected to take the 45-year-old mother of two and Mr Taylor back to the crime scene at Kuta Beach on Wednesday to walk officers through a re-enactment of what occurred almost two weeks ago.

“We’re still looking for the right moment. We hope that after the re-enactment, all (that happened) will be clear,” Denpasar District Police Detective Chief Reinhard Habonaran Nainggolan told reporters earlier on Monday.

Sara Connor
Sara Connor in her Bali prison cell. Photo: ABC

Ms Connor and Mr Taylor have been taken back to the crime scene separately since their arrest 10 days ago however, this week’s re-enactment will be the first time they return together.

It will also be a more thorough procedure with a representative from the prosecutors office required to attend.

David Taylor faced hours of interrogation over the death of the police officer.
David Taylor faces charges for allegedly murdering local policeman Wayan Sudarsa.

Mr Sudarsa’s bloodied body was found on Kuta Beach in the early hours of August 17.

Police say he suffered 42 wounds to the body.

Mr Taylor’s lawyers say their client has told police that he and Ms Connor, 45, were under the influence of alcohol when they went down to the beach on the night of August 16 and became embroiled in a fight with Mr Sudarsa – believing he knew something about the purse the mother of two had lost.

Ms Connor allegedly intervened in a bid to separate the two, sparking Mr Sudarsa to bite her.

Police allege Mr Taylor hit Mr Sudarsa with a beer bottle, mobile phone and binoculars.