News World Melania Trump’s citizenship doubts

Melania Trump’s citizenship doubts

melania trump nude pictures
An unnamed female model and Melania Trump in 1996. Photo: Max Magazine
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Melania Trump’s racy nude photos are inadvertently raising questions about the model’s immigration status.

The photographs, which were published this week, highlight inconsistencies in Mrs Trump’s previous statements on when she first visited to the United States to work.

The various accounts she has given over the years have even prompted immigration experts to say there’s a slim chance she could face legal problems today, according to Politico.

While Mrs Trump and her husband, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, have said she arrived in the US legally, her own declarations suggest otherwise.

She has said travelled to the country on a short-term visa, meaning she would not have been authorised to work.

Melania Trump's 1995 photoshoot has raised questions over her immigration status. Photo: NY Post.
Melania Trump’s 1995 shoot has cast doubt over her immigration status. Photo: NY Post.

Melania, 26, said she visited New York in 1996, but her nude photo shoot with French photographer Alé de Basse­ville in Manhattan was done in 1995.

CBS News and GQ Magazine are also reporting she falsely claimed to have obtained a college degree in Slovenia.

This could place Mr Trump in a politically damaging position, with his strong opposition to illegal immigration being one of the strong foundations of his presidential run.

However, Mrs Trump has since downplayed the allegations, reiterating she was “at all times in compliance with the immigration laws of this country”.

The New York Post originally released the racy images last weekend.

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