News World Malaysia ‘covered up’ truth on MH370: report

Malaysia ‘covered up’ truth on MH370: report

mh370 cover up
Malaysia's Transport Minister, Chinese Minister of Transport and Australia's Minister for Transport. Photo: Getty
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The captain of Malaysian Airlines MH370 brought down the plane in a premeditated murder-suicide and Malaysian authorities are trying to hide the truth, according to a damning 60 Minutes report.

Footage showed Malaysia’s transport minister dodging questions about the recovered MH370 wing flaperon – which experts say was undoubtedly “ditched” by the pilot moments before the crash that killed all 239 people on board – and claiming he had still not been briefed on the debris one year after its discovery.

The report added to mounting evidence the plane’s pilot “glided” into the Indian Ocean in a deliberate murder-suicide mission, also suggesting authorities knew the Australian-led, $180 million search for the aircraft was focussing on the wrong area of the Indian Ocean.

The report comes after a recent FBI investigation revealed MH370 pilot Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah used his flight simulator to practise a a flight route extremely similar to that of the doomed aircraft.

Aviation experts, including Australian veteran fighter pilot and airline captain Byron Bailey, have claimed captain Zaharie had no other reason to have simulated that particular route, which is not an official air path.

ATSB won’t rule out murder-suicide

Two years after MH370 disappeared in a shroud of mystery somewhere between Kuala Lumpur and Beijing, investigators are beginning to publicly admit the aircraft’s pilot may have willingly caused the tragedy.

Australian Transport Safety Bureau search manager Peter Foley said the body had not ruled out the possibility there was someone in control at the end.

“We are actively looking for evidence to support that,” he told 60 Minutes.

He said that while “hard data” showed the aircraft had descended rapidly, suggesting an accident, the ATSB had been shown some preliminary investigation results from France to suggest the pilot had “deployed” the ‘flaperon’ – one of the wing controls.

mh370 cover up
If Mr Vance is correct, the wreckage is way south of the current search. Photo: 60 Minutes

Much of the 60 Minutes report centred on a flaperon recovered from the wreckage, which senior air crash investigator Larry Vance said had been deployed before being dragged off when it hit the water.

Mr Vance claimed it was obvious from the way the flaperon had broken off that the pilot had manually deployed it for landing in the aircraft’s final moments.

“It wasn’t broken off. If it was broken off, it would be a clean break,” he told the program.

“If you wanted to break that off, you couldn’t do it and make it look like that. That had to be eroded away.”

All 239 passengers and crew on board are presumed dead and Australian authorities have led an international search for the Boeing 777 in the southern Indian Ocean since March 2014.

mh370 cover up
Grieving relatives of MH370 victims hold placards at the June press conference. Photo: Getty

Debris has since washed up in Mozambique, Reunion island – and just last week, a piece washed up on Tanzania that was described as “highly likely” to belong to MH370.

Mr Vance said there was no question how the plane had gone down, and the public had been fooled by the “accident” narrative.

“As far as causation is concerned, personally I don’t think it’s a mystery,” he said.

“In order for that flaperon to get extended … somebody decided that’s what they wanted to do.”

Pilot fueled a ‘mystery tour’

Last week, aviation expert Neil Hansford told The New Daily Captain Zaharie was certainly responsible for the disaster.


“I have had no doubt in all of this that the disappearance was linked to a human decision being made, not a technical fault,” Mr Hansford said.

“The pilot took enough fuel to go up to Beijing and back and he still had another seven hours of fuel.

“This guy filled his aircraft up to the brim and that’s why it flew for so long after he went on his little mystery tour.”

The search for the missing flight, which has so far covered 120,000 square kilometres, is likely to be called off in the coming months.

mh370 FBI report
Malaysia Airlines flight 370 has been missing for more than two years. Photo: Getty

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