News World Estonia’s President is a DJ who burns Twitter trolls

Estonia’s President is a DJ who burns Twitter trolls

Toomas hendrik ilves
Ieva Ilves, 38 and Toomas Hendrik lives, 62, wed in January Photo: Getty
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Move over Barack Obama, there is a new candidate for world’s coolest politician and it’s the DJ-ing, bowtie wearing, Twitter troll smashing Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves.

While he is well-known for spinning tunes at trendy nightclubs and having a constantly rotating bow tie collection, Mr Ilves burst onto the world stage earlier this week thanks to a Twitter take down.

And he hasn’t just taken on any old kind of troll. Mr Ilves got the better of a Donald Trump supporter with a swift and sharp internet burn.

Toomas Hendrik Ilves
The Estonian President expertly took down an internet troll. Photo: Getty

“Trump Gabbard 2016”, also known by the Twitter handle @trump_gabbard, tweeted at Mr Ilves to say: “Your the President of Estonia – why in heck are you tweeting in English? Use your own language MATE!”.

To which Mr Ilves swiftly responded: “‘You’re’ not ‘your’. Estonians know English, others don’t generally know Estonian. Quod erat demonstrandum”.

The line “Quod erat demonstrandum” is Latin and means “which is what had to be proven” in English.

The line is sometimes used after showing mathematical proof or presenting a philosophical argument.

Check out the takedown:

Trump Gabbard 2016 was seemingly so ashamed by the incident that he deleted his Twitter account.

Estonia’s President 1, Donald Trump 0.

DJ who knew Bruce Springsteen ‘before he was famous’

Mr Ilves was born in Sweden from Estonian parents, who moved to escaped the Soviet controlled country.

The family moved again to the United States and Mr Ilves grew up in New Jersey. It was here where he “knew” one of that city’s most famous products: American heartland rock and roll legend Bruce Springsteen.

“I knew who Bruce Springsteen was before he had his first record,” he told USA Today.

And music has remained close to him, even as Estonian president.In late April he performed a DJ set at one of Helsinki’s “trendy” nightclubs.

His leather jacket makes Malcolm Turnbull’s similar leather jacket look seem dated, while his DJ skills might put Anthony Albanese to shame.

It wasn’t his first DJ set either. He had previously performed at an Estonian venue for a children’s charity.

Toomas Hendrik Ilves
Mr Ilves knows Bruce Springsteen. Photo: Getty

In February, as the world continued to battle with the migrant crisis in Europe Mr Ilves delivered the “best speech” pertaining to the issue, many judged.

“We have seen far worse and we have prevailed,” Mr Ilves said. “We will handle this migration crisis if we show the resolve of our forebears.”

“So, ladies and gentlemen, let us now gather our wits and strengths, leave behind the indecision, finger-pointing and ducking of responsibility … “We will handle this migration crisis if we show the resolve of our forebears.”

Mr Ilves is serving his second five-year Presidential term. He came to office in 2006 as an US college educated psychologist and journalist. He loves the internet and technology and wants to transform Estonia into “E-Stonia”.

In Janruary 2016, Mr Ilves, 62 married for the third time. His wife, Ieva Ilves, 38, is the head of Estonia’s National Cybersecurity Policy Coordination Section.

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