News World Donald Trump dumps ‘phallic’ campaign logo

Donald Trump dumps ‘phallic’ campaign logo

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Donald Trump has been forced to remove his new United States presidential campaign logo after it was derided for looking too “phallic”.

The presumptive Republican US presidential candidate released the logo on Saturday (AEST) as he officially announced Mike Pence as his vice-presidential running mate.

Designed to represent their partnership, the joint campaign image depicted the “T” from Trump and the “P” from Pence interconnected. The phrase “Trump Pence: Make America great again”, was written below.

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However thousands judged that the logo looked as if the “T” was having sex with the “P”. So many people shared this view that the logo was dumped soon after its release.

“This logo accurately represents what Trump Pence will do to America,” US Senate candidate Alan Grayson joked on Twitter..

Twitter user @DrYakubPhD wrote: “We all saw it, and it will never be unseen”.

Here is the “phallic” logo:

Which someone then made into a GIF:

Mr Trump formally announced Mr Pence as his vice-presidential running mate in a joint appearance on Saturday.

He described the conservative Indiana Governor as a job creator and budget balancer who would help unify the Republican Party.

Mr Pence has been a strong advocate in the fight to de-fund Planned Parenthood family planning clinics, and he passed Indiana’s anti-abortion law this year.

The original logo did not appear in the joint conference. It was replaced with a different design, which has since reappeared on Mr Trump’s website since the “phallic” logo was removed.

The new logo is the same as the “phallic” one, but without the image of the T and the P locked into one another.

‘Phallic’ logo replaced with this:

trump pence logo
The logo has been replaced by this less suggestive one. Photo:

The original logo initially appeared on the letterhead of a fundraising email sent following Mr Pence’s unveiling.

Its symbolism was quickly picked up by social media users and mainstream US news outlets like CNN, USA Today and the Washington Post.

Mr Trump’s race for the White House has been riddled with controversies. He has crudely mocked a reporter for his disability, labelled a female reporter a “bimbo” and has openly made calls to ban all Islamic immigration to the US.

Despite controversy being the norm for Mr Trump, social media took great pleasure in mocking this more light-hearted incident.

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