News World Another potential MH370 fragment found

Another potential MH370 fragment found

Facebook/Mourouk Ebony Hotel
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Another piece of possible MH370 debris has been found, this fragment believed to have come from inside the flight’s cabin.

If the piece is proven to have come from the doomed Malaysia Airlines flight, it will be the first piece of internal debris to be located – making it an important discovery in the two-year quest to find out what happened to the plane.

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Jean Dominique and Suzy Vitry, a couple holidaying on Rodrigues Island in the Indian Ocean, east of Mauritius, discovered the piece while walking along the beach on Thursday, according to website Clicanoo.

The couple live on La Reunion Island, close to Rodrigues, where a flaperon – a part of the plane’s wing – was discovered last July, and they thought instantly that they’d discovered another.

They returned with the fragment to the Mourouk Ebony Hotel, and reported their find to local police.

Adding veracity to their claims were tweets from Don Thompson, spokesman for the ‘Independent Group’ of current and retired aerospace and communication industry professionals who are investigating the flight’s disappearance.

Mr Thompson said the pattern on the piece of debris seemed to match the bulkhead of a Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 cabin.

And Mike Exner, another member of the Independent Group, found no reason to disagree with Mr Thompson’s assertion.

Flight MH370, en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, disappeared on March 8, 2014, with 239 people on board, beginning one of the most baffling aviation mysteries ever.

On July 29, 2015, a right wing flaperon from the aircraft was found on Reunion Island.

Another piece – bearing the text “no step” – was discovered in March this year by Blaine Gibson off the coast of Mozambique, while in December 2015 Liam Lotter discovered a grey fragment on a beach in southern Mozambique.

Subsequent testing of the pieces suggest they are highly likely to be from flight MH370.

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