News World Strange stories: Heritage-listed pizza and a Scooby-Doo fugitive

Strange stories: Heritage-listed pizza and a Scooby-Doo fugitive

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Woman hits tree, keeps driving

Car modifications have really gone too far. Photo: Roselle Police Department
On the positive side, she’s doubled her car’s trunk space. Photo: Roselle Police Department

Illinois police have caught a woman driving the wrong way down a busy road with a 4.5 metre tree stuck to her grille. The woman told police she couldn’t remember when she had struck the tree, but it had been in the neighbouring town. She was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, and Roselle Police Department was forced to put photos and a video up on Facebook after some commenters accused them of fabricating the strange story. Read more

Crocodiles escape from Northern Territory wildlife park

Park owner Grahame Webb says he is 'exremely embarassed' by the mishap. Photo: AAP
Park owner Grahame Webb says he is ‘exremely embarassed’ the crocodiles’ escaped. Photo: AAP

The staff of Crocodylus Park are asking Darwin residents to report sightings of small crocodiles after around 30 juveniles escaped through tiny holes in the fence into surrounding suburbs. The great escape was discovered when a passing motorist accidentally ran over one of the reptiles. Fortunately the absconder survived the ordeal, but staff are unsure how many more crocodiles are roaming around Darwin’s northern suburbs. Read more

Pizza-making could be heritage-listed

Photo: Getty
Pizza could join Turkish coffee, Croatian gingerbread and Georgian wine on the prestigious list. Photo: Getty

Everyone knows pizza is a world treasure, but an Italian campaign to add Neapolitan pizza to the UNESCO cultural heritage list could make it official. The nomination covers traditional Neapolitan pizza, which has a thin crust and a puffy rim, is baked in brick ovens and comes in Margherita or Marinara varieties. If the campaign is successful, pizza will have a place on the UNESCO list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity as The Traditional Art of Neapolitan Pizza Makers. Read more

Wanted woman evades police in Scooby-Doo van

Unfortunately there were no meddling kids to stop her getting away with it. Photo: Twitter
Unfortunately there were no meddling kids to stop her getting away with it. Photo: Twitter

A Northern Californian woman driving a cartoon-inspired van has led police on a high-speed chase around a local county. The woman, wanted on suspicion of violating her probation, was driving a minivan painted to match the Scooby-Doo cartoon’s Mystery Machine when police found her. Two pursuits of the woman had to be abandoned due to public safety concerns. The van was later abandoned and has been impounded by police, but the woman evaded capture. Read more

Ostrich chases cyclists

Ostriches can run up to 70 kilometres an hour. GIF: YouTube

A viral video has captured footage of an ostrich running after surprised cyclists on a road in South Africa. The bird managed to keep up with the cyclists for a minute before losing interest and running off. The cyclist filming the encounter said he thought he was going to fall off his bike with laughter. Read more

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