News World Police chase a unicorn plus Trump’s new hairpiece

Police chase a unicorn plus Trump’s new hairpiece

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Man changes name to ‘Bacon Double Cheeseburger’

Photo: Twitter
He was clearly hungry for a unique name. Photo: Twitter

A British man has legally changed his name to a fast food order. Bacon Double Cheeseburger, originally named Simon Smith, says the dubious decision was made during drinks with friends at the pub and the name was chosen because it was the most “ridiculous” thing he could think of. His fiancee is apparently “fairly reluctant about marrying a Cheeseburger”. Read more

Unicorn causes three-hour police chase

Juliette's escapades make for a legendary story. Photo: Twitter
Juliette’s escapade makes for a legendary story. Photo: Twitter

A pony wearing a unicorn horn has led Californian police on a chase of mythical proportions. Juliette the pony is often dressed like a unicorn for children’s photo shoots, but escaped from her owner during a recent costumed outing. It took three hours, a helicopter and a friendly horse to catch the four-legged runaway. Read more

Crocodiles used to guard cash

 Photo: ABC
To be fair, the pair were probably very effective theft deterrents. Photo: ABC

A group of suspected drug dealers have attracted media attention with their unusual security methods. Dutch police got a shock when they arrested the gang and found they kept two captive crocodiles in a cage, along with hundreds of thousands of euros in crime profits. The police believe the suspects thought the money would be kept safe by the presence of the aggressive reptiles. Read more

Darwin to host burping bout

A friendly rivalry between the English world record holder for the loudest burp and his Australian challenger has escalated into calls for a World Heavyweight Burping Title competition to be held in Darwin to settle the matter. Englishman Paul Hunn has officially recorded a 109-decibel burp and has promised to go to Darwin and face Nev Sharp, who measured an unofficial 113-decibel burp on his phone. Read more

Japanese inventor creates wig weapon for Donald Trump

Photo: YouTube
The wig has been dyed to match Donald’s exact hair colour. Photo: YouTube

87-year-old inventor Yoshiro Nakamatsu has created a ‘guard wig’ specially designed for controversial Republican candidate Donald Trump. The wig is weighted with a large chunk of metal and is designed to be thrown at opponents, then retrieved with the attached coiled strap. It’s unclear if Trump will accept the wig, especially as he is insistent that his hair is real. Read more

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