News World Student poses as a senator and a one-dollar robbery

Student poses as a senator and a one-dollar robbery

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Armed robber sentenced for stealing a dollar

Don't spend your proceeds of crime all at once. Photo: Getty
Don’t spend your proceeds of crime all at once. Photo: Getty

A West Virginia man discovered that crime doesn’t pay much at all when he robbed a man only to come away with small change. The victim agreed to empty out his wallet after being held at gunpoint by the 21-year-old, but all he had was one US dollar note. The robber was quickly caught and has been sentenced to time in a youth correctional centre. Read more

Student poses as senator, tours high school

The school certainly couldn't catch the sneaky intruder. Photo: AAP
Leo couldn’t have done it better. Photo: AAP

In a scene seemingly straight out of a Hollywood con film, an Ohio teenager has managed to pose as a state senator, enter a high school, give a speech about politics and walk out again, with the school only becoming aware of the scam weeks later. Izaha Akins used his own name and driver’s license in the stunt and says it highlights the lack of school security in small communities. Read more

Old lady rams robbers with her car

Don't mess with granny. Photo: Getty
Never underestimate a granny. Photo: Getty

An 81-year-old woman has chased down two robbers who stole her purse from her car in Pennsylvania. The pair distracted the woman while she was in the driver’s seat, grabbed her purse and drove off, but she gave chase and managed to damage their car with her own. The clearly damaged vehicle was soon found by police and the thieves were charged. Read more

Russian teen wins competition to live with porn star

The adult actress is also known as Macy Ssens. Photo: YouTube/TomoNews/Will Stewart
The adult actress is also known as Macy Ssens. Photo: YouTube/TomoNews/Will Stewart

A 16-year-old schoolboy has perhaps won one of the most bizarre competitions, allowing him to spend a month living with a porn star. The Sun reports that youngster Ruslan Schedrin is feeling “so happy” and “boiling inside” after winning, but not everybody in his family is pleased. X-rated movie actress Ekaterina Makarova has not ruled out sex with the teen, commenting that: “It is not supposed but life is life”. Read more

The German city banning coffee pods

There’ll be no coffee pods in this building. Photo: Getty

The city of Hamburg is taking sustainability to the next level, opting to ban coffee pods from government-run buildings. The ban applies to “equipment for hot drinks in which portion packaging is used” with a specific focus on coffee capsule machines. Capsules are said to create unnecessary waste and contain aluminium, contributing to pollution. Read more

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