News World The ‘animal spy’ and the bizarre seagull attack

The ‘animal spy’ and the bizarre seagull attack

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UN helps return ‘spying’ vulture to Israel

The vulture ruffled a few feathers in the village. Photo: AAP
The vulture ruffled a few feathers in the village. Photo: AAP

A vulture that escaped from an Israeli conservation program has found itself at the centre of Middle Eastern spying allegations. Lebanese villagers caught the escaped bird but became suspicious when they found a GPS tracker attached to its leg. They accused Israel of using the vulture to spy on Lebanon, but were persuaded to hand over the bird to Lebanese and UN officials, who returned the bird to Tel Aviv University. Read more

Salad lizard becomes classroom mascot

Green Fruit Loop is doing well in his new home. Photo: AAP
Green Fruit Loop is doing well in his new home. Photo: AAP

An elementary classroom in New Jersey has a new pet after one student found a small anole lizard hibernating in her tatsoi salad. The lizard had survived a frozen trip from Florida, and once it had thawed out from its journey the children named it Green Fruit Loop. The teacher is using the creature to teach the students about organic farming and DNA. Read more

Man attacks train passengers with seagulls

Mine. Photo: Getty
The seagulls probably didn’t appreciate being teased.  Photo: Getty

A Facebook story about a man, a train and a seagull army has gone viral. According to the original storyteller, a friend sitting on a Melbourne train station noticed a man teasing around 15 seagulls with a big bag of fish and chips. Just as the train’s doors were about to close, the man threw the fish and chips into the train and the seagulls followed. Chaos apparently ensued.  Read more

Germany creates etiquette cartoons after sexual assaults

German women are being targeted in swimming baths. Photo: Getty

German officials have created a series of cartoon leaflets following a wave of sexual assaults by asylum seekers. The illustrations discourage migrants from harassing women, pushing them into the water and ask that they wear underwear. Authorities created the images after several reported cases of sexual harassment by migrants, occurring in swimming baths. Read more

Rolling meth lab crashes on US highway

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 5.20.29 pm
Photo: Twitter

Police in Texas are investigating a suspected meth lab after it crashed in Lamar County causing an 7-mile (11km) traffic backup. Lanes of Interstate 75 north were shut down for several hours as authorities investigated the car. A reporter learned that the driver had fallen asleep at the wheel, crashing into a guardrail. Read more