News World Santa steals a helicopter and the girl named ISIS

Santa steals a helicopter and the girl named ISIS

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Trucker steals 18,000 kilograms of meat

The stolen meat could’ve made 160,000 burgers. Photo: Shutterstock

US$110,000 worth of meat has disappeared from a meat plant in Pennsylvania. A driver loaded the beef into his truck, but never showed up at his destination. Police later found the driver’s ID was fake, and the company information on the truck was fraudulent. Read more

 Brazilian Santa hijacks helicopter

The Santa and his accomplice are now on the run. Photo: Shutterstock

A Brazilian man in a Santa suit is continuing to evade police after hiring a helicopter, forcing the pilot to land on a farm, tying up the pilot and escaping in the helicopter with an accomplice. This Santa definitely belongs on the ‘naughty’ list. Read more

Nutella rejects child named ISIS

The Twittersphere responds to ‘mynutella’ campaign. Photo: Twitter

A 5-year-old girl named “Isis” has been denied her own personalised Nutella jar after a Sydney department store told her aunty the name was flagged. The girl’s mother was reportedly contracted by Ferrero Australia the next day to confirm the name would not be put on the jar.  Read more


Horse bestiality on the rise

The majestic creatures are being taken advantage of.

A new report has found more Swiss people are having sex with horses. According to an animal welfare group, 10 per cent of 105 cases involving mistreatment in Switzerland were of individuals having sex with the innocent animals. Read more

Wombat in deep water

The wombat was uninjured despite its ordeal. Photo: AAP
The wombat was uninjured despite its ordeal. Photo: AAP

Two fishermen have rescued a wombat found swimming 250 metres off the shore of a Tasmanian lake. Wombats can swim, but this one was clearly distressed so the men used a fishing net to scoop it up and bring it back to dry land. Read more

NB: A previous version of this article stated the trucker stole 18 kilograms of meat. This figure was in fact 18,000 kilograms. Apologies for the error.

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