News World Alleged stadium bomber named

Alleged stadium bomber named

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French police have released a photo of the third suspected Stade de France suicide bomber, in a plea for public help to identify him.

However, the BBC reported the man is understood to have been travelling under the name of M al-Mahmod, who entered the Greek island of Leros on October 3.

When he entered Europe, he was with fellow Stade de France attacker, Ahmad al Mohammed, according to the report.

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It is unknown whether that was his real name, or if he was travelling on a fake or stolen passport.

Islamic State attackers killed 130 people in Paris on November 13.

French police did not name the man, but a BBC reporter matched the photo with another on arrival papers from Leros.

It was reported the two men bought ferry tickets to depart Leros and move through Europe with Syrian refugees.

French media reported nine people carried out the atrocities, but only seven died on the Friday night.

Only one remains alive after ringleader Abdelhamid Abaaoud was killed by French police last week.

A manhunt is still underway for Belgian-born French national Salah Abdeslam.

A man who drove Abdeslam into Belgium after the attack said he might have been wearing a big jacket that was concealing a suicide belt.

His lawyer told French TV this raised questions that Abdeslam was meant to blow himself up, but had second thoughts.

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