News World Westlife agrees their music can be torture

Westlife agrees their music can be torture

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In typical Irish fashion, Westlife has responded to claims its music was used as torture with good humour.

A lawsuit brought by the Civil Liberties Union claims psychologists James Mitchell and John “Bruce” Jesse subjected suspected terrorists to torture.

The two psychologists are accused of designing a torture programme which included being kept in a pitch black room smelling of rotting seaweed, according to Vice.

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Allegedly, another form of torture designed especially for suspects was repeatedly playing the Westlife love ballad “My Love”, alternated with heavy metal music.

On hearing the likely offensive news, Westlife member Kian Egan was philosophical about the method.

“You know, it’s a pretty annoying song to be played over and over again… It was probably very successful.

“It probably only took two hours to crack the poor guy,” he said, talking on Irish radio.

The use of “My Love” is undoubtedly the least disturbing allegation brought against Mr Mitchell and Mr Jesse.

The pair have been accused of using ‘rectal flooding’ against Al Qaeda suspects, while Mitchell has in the past admitted to ‘water-boarding’ 9/11 suspects in an interview with Vice.

“My Love” debuted at number one on the UK singles chart in the year 2000, giving Westlife their seventh number one.

The music video depicted Westlife members missing their home in Ireland, as well as a love interest left behind.

You can enjoy the ‘torturous’ ballad below.

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