News World World’s worst driver? Man hits three cars in 40 secs

World’s worst driver? Man hits three cars in 40 secs

worst driver in the world
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A motorist in Russia has unwillingly nominated himself for worst driver in the world, hitting three stationary cars in less than a minute.

The driver, who some commenters have suggested may have been under the influence of alcohol or drugs, attempts to reverse out of a car park and hits his first (stationary) victim on the way out, causing his bumper bar to detach.

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Next, the man hops out of the car to pick up the fallen bumper bar, only to see his car reverse of its own accord into another car.

The man then clumsily attempts to force the large bumper bar into the passenger seat of the car.

The driver seat door is still open as he speeds off, striking a third and final car (that we know of) on the way out of the parking lot.

Watch the video below

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