News World Hillary Clinton opposes TPP

Hillary Clinton opposes TPP

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US Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has sensationally opposed the historic signing of the Trans Pacific Partnership between the United States, Australia and 10 other nations.

Ms Clinton said the trade deal falls short of her “high bar” for creating American jobs, raising wages and advancing US national security.

“As of today, I am not in favour of what I have learned about it,” she told public broadcaster PBS in an interview.

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“I don’t believe it’s going to meet the high bar that I have set.”

The announcement is another policy break from current President Barack Obama. Last week she called for a no-fly zone above Syria.

The Democratic nomination frontrunner promoted the White House’s efforts to complete the trade agreement in the past while US secretary of state.

Clinton says she is “worried” in particular about currency manipulation provisions not being included in the text of the accord.

“We’ve lost American jobs to the manipulations that countries, particularly in Asia, have engaged in,” Clinton said.

In August, Ms Clinton expressed opposed Mr Obama’s decision to allow drilling in the Arctic Ocean.

Last month she announced she was against construction of the Keystone XL pipeline that would send Canadian crude to US refineries.

US lawmakers have cautiously welcomed the free-trade accord, but it faces intense scrutiny in Congress, which will vote on its ratification in 2016.

The hard-won trade deal aims to set the rules for investment and press China, not among the 12 partners, to shape its behaviour in commerce, investment and business regulation to TPP standards.

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