News World Japanese man burns down his own home

Japanese man burns down his own home

Japanese man burns down own home
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A Japanese livestreamer has been captured accidentally setting fire to his home while broadcasting online.

In video footage, the unidentified man was seen lighting a match and dropping it behind himself as he dealt with another small blaze.

The match appeared to drop into a bag of tissues, which quickly ignited.

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He was later seen trying to smother the blaze after splashing it with water, hitting it with cardboard boxes and then a blanket.

But nothing could contain the increasing flames that were soon out of control and had leaped up the wall of his home and filled the room with smoke.

The man, believed to be from Shikoku, Japan, fled the apartment and it was not believed anyone was injured in the incident, SBS reported.

“It’s his stream-chat, a lot of streamers have a text-to-speech thing set up to read out donation messages and stuff, so his viewers were sending him messages,” one YouTube poster ChaoticApocalypse said, according to the Mirror.

“When the fire first starts the voice reads out a message saying: ‘Ushiro! Ushiro!’ [Behind! Behind], so one of his viewers was trying to warn him of the burning bag behind him.

“Later on the messages are stuff like: ‘How did this even happen’ and ‘Why aren’t you calling 119’.”

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