News World Bill Clinton defends his wife

Bill Clinton defends his wife

Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton
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Former US president Bill Clinton has defended his wife Hillary, the Democratic presidential frontrunner, who has been accused of email misuse while serving as secretary of state.

In an interview aired on Sunday, Mr Clinton dismissed the allegations, saying he had “never seen so much extended on so little”.

“The other party doesn’t want to run against her. If they do, they’d like her as mangled up as possible,” he told CNN.

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Hillary is still the most popular Democrat candidate, but others are gaining. Photo: Getty
Hillary is still the most popular Democrat candidate, but others are gaining. Photo: Getty

Hillary Clinton has been dogged for months by revelations that she used a private email account and home server in lieu of the official government email system while she was secretary of state from 2009 to 2013.

One of the allegations is that she sent classified information via this private account, which could have been hacked by enemies of the US — such as notoriously tech-savvy China and Russia.

Mr Clinton said his wife, who has seen her lead in national polls narrow, was the target of competitors attempting to whittle away her frontrunner status.

“They thought the only way they could make it a race was a full-scale frontal assault on her.

“And so this e-mail thing became the biggest story in the world.

“I actually am amazed that she’s borne up under it as well as she has.”

The State Department, to which Hillary Clinton already turned over 30,000 official emails in late 2014, publicly released thousands of them in the interest of transparency.

Many contain information that has been retroactively classified, raising questions about whether Clinton was inappropriately sending and receiving highly sensitive material, and whether sufficient security measures were in place to protect her server from hackers.

“At the beginning of the year, she was the most admired person in public life,” Mr Clinton said.

“I think it will be all right.”

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