News World Top Stories – Saturday September 26, 2015

Top Stories – Saturday September 26, 2015

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sharkmain-250915-thenewdailyThe real reason for our horror year of shark attacks

One of Australia’s top shark experts explains why there are so many attacks, who’s most at risk and the biggest thing to worry about in the water Read more

Australia Post CEO Ahmed Fahour during a press conference in Melbourne, Tuesday, Mar. 3, 2015. Australia Post plans to raise the basic stamp price from 70c to $1. (AAP Image/Tracey Nearmy) NO ARCHIVING

‘They’re making a mess of the joint’: Australia Post under fire

Calls for CEO Ahmed Fahour to step down after the announcement of the postal service’s biggest loss in 30 years Read more


miley-peta-eDMPeta Credlin takes the Miley Cyrus approach to the media

Plus Malcolm Turnbull’s warning to Leigh Sales, Scott Morrison’s three-word slogan and Bill Shorten’s new attitude Read more

plantheadIt’s official. This is the weirdest, seediest fashion craze … ever

China’s ‘Sproutcore’ trend will really grow on you, plus Leonardo DiCaprio’s makeover and the birth of the man braid Read more

HONG KONG-AIRLINES-COMPANY-EARNINGS-CATHAYPassengers scream and cry as jet engine fails

Passengers leaving from Perth say there was a loud bang on board the Airbus A330 before the plane started to shake more

coupleshockedBrace yourselves, there’s a rate rise coming

Banks are scrambling to maintain profitability and experts are warning they may have their sights set on your home loan Read more

cookiescrispyFive minute food hacks for terrible cooks

Even the most clumsy kitchen hand can look like a master chef with these quick and easy cooking tips. Now, who wants some Milo cake? Read more


Poof and it’s gone! Scientists make progress on invisibility

This week in science, we also found giant reptilian cows, fought paraplegia and discovered what could be two baby planets Read more


cotwc-edm-picCol’s milky mistake and the mind blowing ‘Farmer Principle’

Watch: Enthusiastic neuroscientist David Farmer tells comedy legend Colin Lane that the best part of neuroscience is ‘playing with Lego’ Read more

AFLfootytimeThese teams will win tonight’s preliminary finals

Our experts tip the winners of tonight’s do or die NRL and AFL preliminary finals. Try to out-tip them by giving us your insights Read more