News World Aussie model ‘falsely accused’ of Bangkok bombing

Aussie model ‘falsely accused’ of Bangkok bombing

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Australian model and actor Sunny Burns has visited Thai police to assure them he was not responsible for the Bangkok shrine bombing.

Users of social media website Instagram alleged he fit the description of the yellow-shirted suspect seen in CCTV footage circulated by police.

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In a Facebook post, Mr Burns said he “forgives everyone who spread those horrible rumours about me”.

‘When I arrived [at the police station], I only know a bit of Thai, and the big scary boss he came and started screaming at me,” he told Sunrise.

“I thought “Oh my God, this is a set up. I’m going to be like Schapelle Corby but the terrorist version.”

He said he spent six hours being interviewed by police who also searched his house for explosives.

They asked him to corroborate his whereabouts during the time of the attack.

Despite the suspicion, he said the Thai police treated him well during the probe.

“I’m not a terrorist and the photo of the terrorist looks nothing like me. I would never wear those clothing,” Mr Burns said.

“This is all because of social media and some jealous hater spreading gossip.”

Mr Burns lives in Thailand and teaches locals how to speak english, The Daily Mail reported.

He career reportedly “skyrocketed” in Thailand after starting the television series Keep in Touch with Gam The Star.

Earlier, Thai police stated that the man in the footage wearing the yellow t-shirt “is the bomber”.

He was reportedly seen in the footage placing a bag with the bomb down, then walking away to catch a motorbike from the scene.

The blast killed at least 21 people, injuring more than 120.

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