News World Donald Trump cops New York City jury duty

Donald Trump cops New York City jury duty

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Billionaire businessman and American Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has turned up for jury duty in a stretch limo, to be greeted by throngs of supporters.

The outspoken magnate leads the polling, in front of 17 other Republican presidential hopefuls and his arrival was describes as very “presidential”.

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He reportedly filled out forms and wondered whether he would be picked, just like every average citizen called to serve the state.

However, by late afternoon he’d been released, not picked for trial by those involved in the case.

During his time in the court house, a lawyer posed for selfie with him and some reported an audible gasp went around the room as he entered.

Trump praised the public servants at the courthouse, saying: “The people in the court system are really professional. It was an honour to see how it worked.”

“It’s a system, and we go through it. And it’s a great system. It’s a system that works.

“They do a fantastic job, and I met some wonderful people.”

Apparently Trump did not list ‘politician’ as his occupation, opting for ‘real-estate’. 

When it came to security, Trump wasn’t treated like everyone else.

He had supplied and personal body guards shadowing him wherever he went.

Reports said Trump had knocked back and avoided five previous requests to serve jury duty, so this service, despite during a busy time in his life, was long overdue.

Other celebrities to be subject to New York City jury duty in the past include Madonna, Spike Lee and Woody Allen.

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