News World Trump denies menstruation comment

Trump denies menstruation comment

Donald Trump
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Perpetually controversial Republican candidate Donald Trump has denied saying a Fox News presenter was tough on him because she was menstruating.

Referring to the Republican presidential debate last week, Mr Trump has been slammed for suggesting moderator Megyn Kelly had “blood coming out of her eyes” and “blood coming out of her wherever”.

Mr Trump was quick to defend himself after news outlets across the US ran the story and he was disinvited from a major conservative rally.

Donald Trump Megyn Kelly
Mr Trump accused Ms Kelly of treating him unfairly during last week’s debate. Photo: Getty

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Calling up four Sunday news shows, Mr Trump cited his commitment to hiring women within his many companies as evidence of his respect for the female gender.

Mr Trump accused those who had misinterpreted the statement as being “sick”.

“Only a deviant would think that. I didn’t think that. Who would think that?” Mr Trump asked CNN.

Mr Trump claimed he was going to go on and say there was also blood coming out of Ms Kelly’s ears and nose, but decided to move onto his next point.

“There was blood pouring out of her eyes and then I said, ‘you know what, I want to get into the next sentence’,” he said.

“Then I don’t have to get into the blood coming out of her ears and her nose. [It] is a very common statement.”

Mr Trump went on to say that he cherished women and planned to represent them like “no other candidate” if elected.

Throughout his campaign, Mr Trump has criticised what he viewed as an unnecessary focus on political correctness in the US.

“Frankly we again get back to the words ‘political correctness’. Am I allowed to defend myself? What they said about me is far worse than what I said about them,” he added.

Fellow Republican candidates have demanded Mr Trump apologise, but the outspoken businessman has refused, saying he has done nothing wrong.

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