Life Eat & Drink Russell Crowe exposes our national shame

Russell Crowe exposes our national shame

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We claim him as our own, but Russell Crowe is a bit wary of calling himself an Aussie at the moment, and it’s all Cadbury’s fault.

The Hollywood star has hit back at Hugh Jackman’s love of vegemite chocolate, sharing a mutual disdain for the gastric crime with one of the most popular comedians in the US.

Yep, vegemite chocolate is now totally a thing
Anger as Cadbury shrinks choc blocks … again

Earlier in the week, Hugh outed himself as possibly the only fan of the vegemite choc block on the entire planet.

Jackman posted a pic of the divisive treat to Instagram, then tagged his friend, talk show host Jimmy Fallon.

“OK … now THIS is one awesome way to try Vegemite!” the normally sane and non-delusional actor said.

“You can do it mate!”

Clearly, he was suffering temporary insanity.

Fallon responded with due skepticism, saying: “This feels like a mistake”.

Russell Crowe quickly sympathised.

“It is man. Up there with bacon flavoured beer.”

The Twitter account for Marmite, a product similar to Vegemite, then weighed in, trying to get a piece of the marketing action. Crowe was having none of it.

“Spawn of the devil, begone,” he said.

So that settles it. Not even Wolverine can mess with the Gladiator.

Go home Jackman, you’re drunk.

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