News World Lobster lands farmers in hot water with Kim

Lobster lands farmers in hot water with Kim

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Kim Jong-Un has criticised lobster and terrapin farmers in a move sure to strike mortal terror into their hearts.

The North Korean news agency KCNA reported their lacklustre efforts could draw “grave consequences”.

The excoriating criticism from the wrathful leader of North Korea which pointed to “serious shortcomings manifested in its work” should be a worry for farm staff considering his history of execution decrees – including for family members.

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Staff at the Taedonggang Terrapin Farm did not pay due attention to the exploits of his father Kim Jong-Il, said the leader.

“It is hard to understand that the farm visited by Kim Jong Il did not arrange even the room for the education in the revolutionary history,” KCNA reported Jong-Un said during the visit.

It’s not looking good for staff at this unsuccessful lobster farm. Source: KCNA

“The employees who failed to bear deep in their minds his leadership exploits could hardly perform their role as masters in production”, he said.

KCNA reported the Hermit Kingdom leader then noted “the atmosphere of the farm was completely different from those other farms he has visited”.

The farm had been given baby lobsters for breeding but drew a reproach from the leader for not monitoring water quality, KCNA reported, which he believed led to the failure of the venture.

The farm also produces terrapin, which is like turtle, and revered as a “tasty and nutritious terrapin widely known as precious tonic from olden times”.

KCNA reported that if the farm continued to work the way it was found to have “it is impossible to realise the desire of Kim Jong Il and they may bring such grave consequences as impairing the prestige of the party in the end”.

The farm will ensure supply of electricity for safe breeding, building anti-epidemic equipment and make hatching equipment.

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