News World World goes crazy for London’s ‘Hipster Cop’

World goes crazy for London’s ‘Hipster Cop’

Guy Smallman
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Photojournalist Guy Smallman has captured what must be London’s spiffiest bobby in all his resplendent hipsterness, sparking an online sensation.

The police officer was reportedly photographed while he helped maintain the Queen’s peace during a clash on the weekend between racist and anti-racist protestors in Walthamstow, London.

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Sgt Shickle (Twitter)
Hipster Cop rejects all your restrictive photography norms. Showing one’s eyes is so yesteryear. Photo: Sgt Shickle (Twitter)

His luxuriant beard and curled moustache have prompted global admiration and mirth.

The officer has not been named, but a certain Sergeant Nathan Shickle has taken to the web to confirm his colleague’s existence.

“I’m standing next to #HipsterCop right now, having a good old chuckle at some of the captions,” Sgt Shickle posted on Twitter on Sunday.

Social media users have since used the ‘Hipster Cop’ hashtag to apply a variety of funny captions to the photo.

The Naperville police department in the US joined in the fun, quipping that the bobby only used pepper spray made from “the finest organic peppers procured from the local farmer’s market”.

Here are more of the best captions:

“I say. Do you slander me with the epithet ‘fascist pig’? Fie and folly. You, sir, are a poltroon. Have at you, sir’, said CharmlessNurk.

“Patrolling the streets of Shoreditch on his Penny Farthing, looking out for ne’er do wells and the forrins,” said Yakhunt.

“I’m arresting you on some charges, they are really obscure and you’ve probably never heard of them”, said Aaron John Bastani.

“I make my own pepper spray. It’s more authentic than the off the shelf variety”, said Andymack.

“Yeah, I play the washboard in the police band. We’re called Miranda and the Wrights,” said Clyn Gallagher.

“Tell you what Colin, I could murder a soy flat white,” said Beef Richards.

“You wouldn’t know my favourite riot it’s too obscure,” said Benedict Farse.

I only use organic truncheon polish, because I care,” said Sam Read.

To see more of Mr Smallman’s photography, go here.

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