News World World’s fattest man surgery live tweeted

World’s fattest man surgery live tweeted

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Doctors have removed kilograms of flabby skin from an Englishman once thought to be the world’s most obese, all under the watchful eyes of journalists.

Paul Mason, 54, who now lives in the US, dropped 285 kilos and found love thanks to a gastric bypass, but was dissatisfied with his remaining flabby flesh.

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Mr Mason has lost his title of ‘World’s Fattest’ thanks to a gastric lap band.

Online donations enabled Mr Mason to undergo skin removal surgery earlier this week, which he allowed two journalists to document.

“Four plastic surgeons are working on his abdomen, to remove a huge apron of skin hanging way down,” New York Times writer Sarah Lyall posted on Twitter during the procedure.

“Sorry for graphic images! This is such an extraordinary thing and these surgeons are amazing,” Ms Lyall wrote.

Mr Mason shed between 20 and 45 kilograms of flesh during the surgery, based on varying media reports, and has reportedly recovered well.

“Everything went perfectly according to the surgeons,” his fiancee Rebecca Mountain wrote on Facebook.

“There are no words to express how incredible this surgery will be for Paul.”