News World McDonald’s gives $1084 discount due to burger bug

McDonald’s gives $1084 discount due to burger bug

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A hungry diner has exposed a bug in a McDonald’s self-service machine that was slugging users $125 for a piece of cheese.

The man discovered the bug in “create-your-taste” kiosks at a United States store when he built a two-kilogram burger with a price tag of $1115.82.

After clearance from the manager, Mr Tamssot’s towering burger was discounted by $1084.67, meaning he picked up the behemoth – plus sides – for just $31.15.

“There was a bug in the system. It was charging hundreds of dollars for each cheese type. I have a reputation for finding bugs :),” Moshe Tamssot wrote in comments on his YouTube video.

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A YouTube video shows Mr Tamssot maxing out side order options on a self-service kiosk at the fast food restaurant.

As he took his arm-length docket to the sales counter to pay his hefty bill it was down-sized to under US$25 ($31.15).

He said the manager initially refused to make the order “because it wouldn’t be a good burger,” Tamssot said on Reddit.

But after a call to McDonalds’ corporate HQ the order sailed through.

“Fortunate it was approved and the Big Max was born :),” he wrote.

The towering stack of cheese, bacon, meat and salad, with a drink and a bowl of chips the size of a baby’s torso came out of the kitchen, but the burger couldn’t stand up under its own weight.

“That’s as big as we could make it without it falling apart,” said the store manager who carried it out with the help of another staff member.

A clearly pleased-with-himself Mr Tamssot took the entire thing home to weigh it, where it tipped the scales at 3.8 pounds (2kg).

In a comment on his video he said he “nibbled at it all day” because it was too big.

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