News World American dog owner forced to feel the heat

American dog owner forced to feel the heat

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A police officer in America made a woman sit in a hot car with the windows up so she could feel what it was like for her dog.

The woman who owned the dog left it in her car while she went shopping at Walmart.

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When an animal lovers in the Walmart car park in Ohio spotted the puppy in the black car, they notified officers who waited for the owner to return.

The owner told the officer that the dog looked fine, but this wasn’t enough for the policeman, who wanted to give the shopper a taste of her own medicine.

She was forced to get in the car, roll up the windows, turn the engine on and sit in it for a few minutes. The woman insisted she did not feel any strain due to the punishment although the officer noted she looked uncomfortable.

It isn’t the first time an officer has handed out this kind of lesson to an animal owner. In New Mexico last June a woman filed a complaint against a policeman who made her sit in a car after someone found her dog trapped in the vehicle.

At the time the officer claimed the internal temperature of the car was 114 degrees Fahrenheit (45.5C). She was written a ‘misdemeanour notification’ for animal cruelty.

Lapel cam vision of the woman and officer’s altercation can be seen below.

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