News World Rowers attacked by horde of flying fish

Rowers attacked by horde of flying fish

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A university rowing team in the US has been ambushed by flying fish during a practice session.

As the Washington University students prepared to dock the boat, a swarm of Asian carp burst from Creve Coeur Lake in Missouri, crashing into the shocked rowers.

“The fish was flopping on my legs,” team member Devin Patel told CNN.

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“It was so slippery that I couldn’t get a grip on it.”

The freak incident happened at the same time of the year in 2013, according to team captain Benjamin Rosenbaum, who filmed the attack from the safety of an overlooking bridge.

“It’s the season,” said Mr Rosenbaum, who was hit in the rib cage during the previous onslaught.

“They’re huge fish. They hurt when then hit you.

“I thought someone behind me had punched me.”

The filmmaker can be heard laughing, as the beleaguered students scream in fright.

No rowers were injured, aside from reportedly having their nostrils assaulted by the smell of fish.

Asian carp, a foreign species that has invaded US waterways, are reportedly easily frightened by boats.

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