News World North Korea launches attack … on the ocean

North Korea launches attack … on the ocean

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North Korea has loudly protested its close neighbour’s cooperation with the US by firing short-range missiles into the sea, South Korea claims.

The missiles with a range of 140 kilometres were launched close to the border with China into the Yellow Sea, the South Korean military said on Friday.

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North Korea often fires off missiles to voice its anger at US-South Korean military exercises, which it calls ‘invasion training’.

The day before the missile launches, its official Korean Central News Agency called US and South Korean soldiers “trigger-happy forces” who are aiming to occupy North Korea’s coast.

“With no rhetoric can the US and the South Korean puppet war maniacs cover up the aggressive nature of the war exercises,” it said.

The annual Foal Eagle manoeuvres began March 2 and are to finish April 24.

The United States and South Korea said the exercises are to improve their cooperation and defensive capabilities to deter aggression from the North.

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