News World Test your knowledge with our Easter quiz

Test your knowledge with our Easter quiz

There's a lot you probably don't know about Easter and its traditions.
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You might think you know all there is to know about Easter, but there’s more to this Christian holiday than many realise.

See how many of these questions you can answer, then click the link below to reveal the answers.

Good luck.


1. Easter is derived from the word Eostre who was an ancient Greek goddess of which season?

a) Summer

b) Autumn

c) Winter

d) Spring

2. Later, Easter became a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. On which day did he rise?

a) First

b) Second

c) Third

d) Fourth

3. Who did Jesus first speak to when he rose on the aforementioned day?

a) Mary Magdalene

b) Saint Peter

c) Cleopas

d) Joseph of Arimathea

Easter2-020415-newdaily4. What is the earliest date on the Gregorian calendar that Easter Sunday can occur?

a) March 21

b) March 22

c) March 23

d) March 24

5. The Thursday before Easter is known as:

a) Maundy Thursday

b) Sheer Thursday

c) Holy Thursday

d) All of the above


6. In Leonardo Da Vinci’s painting of The Last Supper which disciple is directly to Jesus’ left holding up an index finger?

a) Thomas

b) Andrew

c) John

d) Judas

7. Which of the following do Christians traditionally have to abstain from on Good Friday?

a) meat

b) fish

eggs-020415-newdailyc) soup

d) bread

8. In Christianity, what did eggs originally represent as a part of Easter?

a) The gift of friendship

b) The empty tomb of Jesus

c) An alternative to eating red meat

d) The oval shape of Jesus’ face

9. Which colour did orthodox Christians traditionally dye their eggs?

a) red

b) blue

c) yellow

d) green

rabbit-020415-newdaily10. What is “tsoureki”?

a) A traditional children’s game played at Easter

b) An item of clothing worn to represent Easter

c) A Mediterranean herbal tea drank on Good Friday

d) A traditional bread of Greek Easter

11. In which country did the idea of the Easter Bunny originate?

a) England

b) Poland

c) Germany

d) Ukraine

church-020415-newdaily12. In a Catholic church, where would you expect to find the pictures of the “stations of the cross”?

a) In a confession box

b) Around the walls of the church

c) On the alter

d) On the end of the pews

13. Who authorised the crucifixion of Jesus Christ?

a) Judas, his betrayer

b) Pontius Pilate

c) Simon of Cyrene

d) Barabbas

14. How many days is the period of Lent, leading up to Easter Sunday?

a) 30 days

b) 40 days

c) 50 days

d) 60 days

hott-cross-buns-020415-newdaily15. How did hot cross buns become a symbol of Easter weekend?

a) French bakeries found it a cheap way to make bread in Spring

b) The white yeast on top formed the shape of a cross

c) Raisons represented the disciples of Christ

d) They were introduced by an Anglican monk


How did you fare in our Easter quiz? Click here to discover the answers. You might learn something.

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