News Advisor How Indonesia will execute two of our citizens

How Indonesia will execute two of our citizens

Chan Sukumaran AAP
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Convicted drug smugglers Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran, who have exhausted all their legal appeals, will be told 72 hours before their execution date.

The men are soon to be transferred to a special prison, where they will be held in isolation to await the three days’ notice.

At the time of execution, the men will be supported by their lawyers and spiritual counsellors if they wish, and may make a final statement if it has been cleared previously with the prosecutor.

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Chan and Sukumaran will then be shot to death in a secret location with no other witnesses.

Myuran Sukumaran has reportedly reformed since he was, seen here, sentenced to the death penalty. Photo: AAP

The head of local police will assemble the shooting team, consisting of one non-commissioned officer and 12 privates, under the command of an officer.

The men will be blindfolded with a piece of fabric, unless they ask not to be, and can stand, sit or kneel.

If they struggle, their hands or feet will be tied to a pole.

The police commander will swing down his sword, signalling 12 riflemen standing between five and 10 metres away to fire at each man’s heart.

In the past, only three of the rifles have been loaded with live bullets in order to hide which policemen are responsible for the killing. This can result in a slow death.

If the bullets are ineffective, each man will be shot to the head at extreme close range with a pistol.

A doctor will confirm the deaths and a report will be prepared on the execution.

The bodies would then be given to their families or friends for burial.

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