News World VIDEO: Skydivers have near-miss with plane

VIDEO: Skydivers have near-miss with plane

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If you’ve ever considered skydiving, this video is not for you.

A pair of skydivers in Bangkok, Thailand have cheated death after the plane they jumped out of did a 180-degree dive and aimed straight at them.

In the video posted by skydiving instructor Forest Pullman on YouTube last week, the tandem pair are inches from death when the plane nearly collects them.

Filmed on a GoPro, the footage shows the skydivers free falling before Pullman notices the plane has lost control and is rapidly heading towards them.

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While the instructor tries to steer the parachute away from the plane, the parachute’s drogue and bridle hits the plane’s wing sending the two of them spiralling out of control.

After a few tense seconds, Pullman regains control of the parachute (the passenger is blissfully unaware of how close she just came to death) and safely guides them back to the ground.

Below the YouTube video (which is accurately called “near death airplane collision with skydiver in free fall”) Pullman says:

“After an uneventful exit…. The pilot dove the airplane 180 degrees right at me and my tandem passenger. how we got so lucky?!?! Not sure.”

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