News World Eye for an eye: Jordan kills female jihadist

Eye for an eye: Jordan kills female jihadist

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The Jordanian government has executed two prisoners in response to the Islamic State’s brutal killing of a captured Jordanian pilot.

A government spokesperson confirmed one of the prisoners was female jihadist Sajida al-Rishawi, who the Islamic State wanted swapped for the release of pilot Moaz al-Kaseasbeh.

Al-Kaseasbeh became the latest hostage to be killed by the terrorist group. A video was released on Wednesday showing the 26-year-old being burnt alive by his captors.

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The horrific 22-minute long clip shows al-Kaseasbeh standing inside a giant cage, dressed in an orange jumpsuit, before he is set alight.

He was captured by Islamic State militants on December 26 when his fighter jet crashed in Syria, which in large parts is controlled by the group.

Pilot Moaz al-Kaseasbeh. Photo: Twitter

Jordan agreed to swap jihadist Sajida al-Rishaw for al-Kaseasbeh at the end of January, but it was cancelled after the Islamic State failed to prove he was still alive.

The highly-produced execution video shows the pilot describing the bombing mission he was carrying out in Syria, before footage is shown of a militant setting alight fuel leading to the cage.

The Jordanian government confirmed the authenticity of the video, with state television claiming the pilot’s death occurred on January 3.

Al-Kaseasbeh was being held captive with Japanese journalist Kenji Goto, who was beheaded in a video released by the Islamic State on Saturday.

King Abdullah of Jordan is currently in the US but announced on Twitter he would cut the trip short and return home.

World leaders condemned the brutal execution, with English Prime Minister David Cameron calling it “sickening” and American President Barack Obama describing Islamic State ideology as “bankrupt”.

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