News World ‘Tiger on the loose’ near Disneyland Paris

‘Tiger on the loose’ near Disneyland Paris

Tiger in Paris
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French locals have been told to stay indoors after a tiger was spotted roaming free in suburbs near the Disneyland Paris theme park.

The animal was first spotted in a supermarket car park in the town of Montévrain.

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Since then, police armed with tranquilliser guns have been attempting to capture the animal, which they reportedly believe may be domesticated.

Their search has been fruitless thus far.

“We have been running after it since this morning, police officers are trying to intercept it,” a police source said.

It is unclear where the animal has come from.

Locals have been encouraged to stay indoors and drive, not walk, to their destination.

Montévrain is adjacent to Disneyland Paris, but a spokesperson for the park said it would continue with business as usual.

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