News World Where in the world was Kim Jong-un?

Where in the world was Kim Jong-un?

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The mysterious vanishing of North Korea’s secretive leader has been solved.

South Korea’s spy agency believes North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, who recently dropped out of public view for nearly six weeks, had surgery to remove a cyst from his ankle, Yonhap news agency reports.

In a briefing for legislators, the National Intelligence Service (NIS) suggested a cyst had been found in Kim’s ankle joint back in May.

Foreign medical experts were flown to Pyongyang to carry out an operation to remove the cyst sometime in September or October, the agency said.

Kim dropped out of sight after attending a music concert with his wife in early September.

His prolonged and unexplained absence fuelled rampant speculation about his health and even rumours of a coup in the nuclear-armed state.

He finally reappeared in mid-October, with state media showing him using a walking stick as he conducted a series on inspection visits to new residential complexes in Pyongyang.

The long-lost leader has finally resurfaced, reportedly nursing a bandaged foot. Photo: AAP

Competing theories for his absence had ranged widely from an extended rest period to a leadership coup, via a long list of possible illnesses and ailments including broken ankles, gout and diabetes.

Kim, a heavy smoker, has shown striking weight gain since coming to power and TV footage just prior to his “disappearance” had shown him walking with a pronounced limp.

The NIS intelligence suggested that Kim’s weight problem could hamper his recovery from ankle surgery.

Of the 50 executions carried out this year, the NIS said a number were related to an ongoing purge of those close to Kim’s uncle and one-time political mentor Jang Song-Thaek.

Jang was executed last December on charges of treason and corruption.
On the demotion of the 200 military officers, the NIS said the apparent reason was under-performance in strategic artillery drills.