News World Hong Kong protesters defy government ultimatum

Hong Kong protesters defy government ultimatum

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Hong Kong’s government has issued an ultimatum to protesters to clear the streets by Monday morning, sparking fears of a forceful eviction.

Thousands continue a sit-in at the main government office, but other protesters said they would stop the week-long blockage over fears of more police violence.

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The government has given protesters until Monday morning to vacate the protest sites, threatening them with unspecified consequences if they defy the orders.

Numbers have dwindled at the site, but thousands continue to camp out, with Occupy Central, one of the groups organising the protest, announcing protesters would reinforce the main protest site.

The Hong Kong government came under fire last week for heavy-handed police action, with authorities firing tear gas into the crowd without warning.

Hundreds of thousands of protesters have staged sit-ins around the city, demanding China allow Hong Kong to choose its own leader in the 2017 election.

Hong Kong has been brought to a standstill because of the protests, with major highways blocked, tourism down, and businesses closed.

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